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@VLJeker Trilogy: Foreign Corporations – Dividends, qualified dividends and subpart F


Controlled Foreign Corporations and Subpart F income were introduced here. Tax professionals about written about the dangers of Americans abroad carrying on business through a corporation. In addition to the tax problems (dividends, Subpart F, etc). there are also extremely invasive, expensive and penalty laden reporting requirements. In fact, Form 5471 is arguably America’s most deadly and dangerous form.

For those who want to understand this difficult topic better …



Well, she has followed through. Form 5471 is the form required for “Foreign Corporations”. She has written this wonderful trilogy of posts on “Foreign Corporations”. Thank you Virginia La Torre Jeker for the following:

“What you need to know about foreign corporations, but couldn’t even imagine to ask “Triology”.

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RBC publishes US tax planning guide for US citizens in Canada

Tax Planning for US Residents

After having read this you may conclude that you must either renounce or move to the U.S.

Obviously this is NOT legal advice, investment advice or any kind of advice. Furthermore, if it is accurate at all, times change. Make sure that you get up-to-date advice from your adviser.