Whom we help

We help:

1. US citizens abroad

2. Green Card Holders whether in or outside the US

3. US residents wishing to move to Canada

4. Non-US residents wishing to move to the US


US tax laws apply to “US persons” – A US person includes:

– a person born or naturalized citizen of the United States

– a person who holds a “Green Card” whether the person lives in or outside the United States (Note that the simple fact of moving from the United States does NOT end your tax obligations.)

– a person who although neither a US citizen nor Green Card holder, spends more than a prescribed  number of days  in the US

We help “US Persons” achieve one or more of the following three things:

1. If you have recently learned that you should have been filing tax and information returns, we will help you come into compliance;

2. If you feel that it is too difficult to live as a US person outside the US, we will assist you with expatriation (ceasing to be a US citizen or green card holder);

3. If you want to continue your status as a US person outside the US, we will help you plan your life accordingly. The obligations of US citizenship mean that you will not be able to live your life in the same way as your neighbors do.

We help US residents immigrate to Canada:

Since the early 2000s, the US political, financial, investment, regulatory, and economic climate has made the US a less desirable country to call home. The United States now has the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Some are considering leaving the US. Although, this option is not for everybody it is being considered by more and more people. We will assist those of you are considering this option.

We help non-U.S. persons who are considering buying U.S. real estate:

US real estate may or may not be a good investment. You do need to understand that investing in US. real estate will involve you with the U.S. tax system.

Who are the people who are most in need of assistance?

Green Card holders living in the United States and US citizens living outside the United States are the people who are most in need of assistance.

2 thoughts on “Whom we help

  1. calgary411

    I sure wish I could turn back the clock to use your services. Yours will complement other educational blogs as you have identified the need for and how to provide valuable education to persons with a ‘US indicia.’

    I will provide your site as an option for anyone I come across who wants to zero in on what US citizenship (however it is obtained) means for them — to learn of their specific, individual options for either remaining a US citizen abroad or leaving behind all aspects of the US (except the memories and our families there). “Accidental Americans” will be among those who need options for their ‘supposed US citizenship,’ acquired without any choice on their part.

    Anyone who can be determined by their “foreign” financial institutions a ‘US Person’ needs to know the effects of the combination of US FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and US Citizenship-Based Taxation, different than the Residence-Based Taxation law of other countries.

    Our other-country governments and financial institutions need to fully realize how this adversely affects citizens and residents of their countries, being falsely labelled tax evaders and traitors by the US.

    I especially like the option you offer as you are an affected dual Canadian/US Person, No one, NO ONE, can fully understand this unless they are going through it.

    1. admin Post author


      Thanks for your comment. You are right that only those affected can understand this. There has been no positive movement since this began. Most long term U.S. citizens abroad, once they learn about the war against them will/must consider expatriation.

      I urge those who discover the reality of their U.S. citizenship to begin by reading this post BEFORE contacting anyone.



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