Information Seminar – “Deer In The Headlights – Solving The Problems of US Citizenship”

Welcome to the realities of life as a U.S. Citizen Abroad

It’s a difficult time to be a U.S. Citizen living outside the U.S. Since 2009 the Obama administration has waged a reign of terror – equating U.S. Citizens living abroad with tax cheats who live in the United States. With the enforcement of FBAR, the advent of FATCA (first stages have already been implemented), and a completely irrational and dysfunctional tax code, things are getting worse. A large number of U.S. Citizens abroad (possibly millions) have learned that, in spite of their best efforts, they are not in compliance with US Tax and information reporting laws. Now that people are aware of their legal obligations, most people would like to come into compliance. The IRS has not made it easy to do so. They have been threatening heavy fines and penalties that are disproportionate to unintentional omissions committed by US Citizens abroad. Furthermore, there is evidence that many accountants and lawyers have exploited people’s fear and anxiety. This has meant crippling professional fees (in the tens of thousands up to six figures) coupled with “one size fits all” legal advice. For many people this has led to financial ruin.

U.S. persons abroad are unable to invest and engage in many normal retirement planning activities. As such, they need special counseling and financial awareness. Those wishing to remain U.S. persons need to act accordingly.

Some U.S. persons have decided that “enough is enough” and are considering relinquishing their U.S. citizenship. For many relinquishing citizenship is easy. Others may be subject to the “Exit Tax”.

To make matters even worse, some people are not even sure whether they are U.S. persons. In some cases people are U.S. persons and have never been aware of it. In other cases, people believed they relinquished U.S. citizenship many years ago and are now being told that they are subject to U.S. taxation. 

People don’t know what to do. They don’t know whom to trust. They fail to understand they they do NOT (in most cases) have a tax problem. They DO have a compliance problem. It is impossible to know with certainty what is the best way to deal with a compliance problem. People are different. Their situations are different. Their tolerance for uncertainty is different. Therefore, their solutions must be different. For many U.S. Citizens abroad, their life is not what it was one year ago. They don’t know what to do. They are frozen like “deer in the headlights”.

Seminar – “Deer in the Headlights – Solving The Problems of US Citizenship

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If you can’t attend a seminar, enjoy the information on this site. Here is what U.S. citizens in Canada need to consider before consulting a lawyer or accountant.


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