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The Fools on @TheHill, #FATCA, and The Levinizing of America

Finally a good article from the Wall Street Journal telling it like it really is. Some highlights:

That was then:

“When I became an immigration lawyer 30 years ago, people really were excited about going to America. Now, more than half of my clients are people thinking of other alternatives rather than people seeking to immigrate to America,” said Eugene Chow, the principal of Chow King & Associates.

This is now:

Mr. Chow says the new regulations have altered the entire premise of his business. “My mentor, who is in his early 80s, said to me, ‘You became an immigration lawyer to fulfill the American dream, and now you are helping people leave.

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RBC publishes US tax planning guide for US citizens in Canada

Tax Planning for US Residents

After having read this you may conclude that you must either renounce or move to the U.S.

Obviously this is NOT legal advice, investment advice or any kind of advice. Furthermore, if it is accurate at all, times change. Make sure that you get up-to-date advice from your adviser.