“Collective psychotherapy” – AKA – A Meetup Group for U.S. citizens abroad


Democrats Abroad are of no help to you. Republicans abroad are no help to you. Ambassador Jacobson is no help to you. Your non-US friends and neighbors can’t understand you. You are traumatized because:

1. You may have tax obligations to the U.S. that you did not know about. You either did not know that you had to file U.S. taxes or you thought you had lost your U.S. citizenship years ago;

2. You have been threatened by the imposition of life-altering fines and penalties (even if you don’t owe tax);

3. You feel victimized by the Canadian and other non-U.S. media, who have constantly referred to you as a “tax cheat” and advised you to “come clean”;

4. You feel victimized by the so-called “cross-border professionals”. You just want to come into compliance, but nobody seems to be able to tell you how to do it;

5. You have been advised to enter the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. This is a frightening prospect. You know that you have done nothing wrong. You can’t understand why you are being treated like a criminal;

6. You don’t trust the new “Streamlined Compliance Program”. You can’t understand what is meant by “heightened compliance risk”;

7. You feel completely betrayed by the United States. You have endured years of “Anti-Americanism” and you have feel that you have been loyal to the United States. Now, the U.S. is coming after YOU! You now realize that the U.S. is one of the most unjust countries in the world;

8. You feel completely misunderstood by the non-U.S. citizens in your life. They can’t understand the feelings of fear, betrayal and injustice that you feel. In some cases, this experience has put your marriage at risk;

9. You have worked your whole life to save for retirement. You have always taken pride in your level of financial responsibility. Now, you find that it is the fact that you acquired retirement assets that makes you interesting to the IRS;

10. You are resentful that “coming into compliance” is so complicated. You ask: why can’t I just file the past returns and move on?;

11. Your health has been dramatically affected by all of this. You can’t sleep. You worry. You have gained or lost weight. You are no longer the happy person you were. You feel that your life has been stolen from you.

Many of these observations may apply to you. For many of you, this assault by the U.S. government may be the worst thing that has ever happened to you.

You need to reclaim your life.

Meetups, group meetings, and private counseling coming soon!